My NL/Client Portal Access Takes the Guesswork Out of Sending & Receiving Claims!

DoorwayIn today’s digital environment, we rely on technology for almost everything we do. So much so that we have to assume technology like email always works. I sent the email; they WILL get it, right? Now, add in all the layers of technology that keep your data safe – JUNK filters (No, I’m sorry my sister is not stuck in Bermuda on vacation, and I’m not going to wire money to get her home.); SPAM filters (blocking email because of specific words in the content, or because an email got marked as JUNK and now your address is blocked); and some ISP’s (internet service provider’s) limit the file size of attachments an inbox can receive. So technology doesn’t always make your job of sending a new placement to a law firm easier. What it can do is add additional steps in order to ensure your new business ends up in the hands of the lawyer/law firm and is accepted.

You may have had the experience of sending a new placement to a law firm, but you have no way of knowing if they received it, accepted it and are working it, or they declined the business. You start questioning everything about the placement. Did the new business get lost in snail mail? Is it stuck in an email Spam/Junk folder? Did all the attached documents prevent it from getting into the law firms inbox?

Get Rid of the Guesswork!

MY NL/Client Portal Access on The National List’s website is a seamless and secure way for both senders and receivers of placements to deliver accounts and attachments. It gives the receiving attorney/law firm the ability to Accept or Decline placement opportunities with just a few clicks of the mouse. At the same time, it insures the placement for up to $2 million via The National List’s insurance policy. To take advantage of the benefits of MY NL/Client Portal, just register for a FREE user account. Start sending and receiving accounts seamlessly Now! Click here to register.

Forwarder Benefits

MY NL/Client Portal lets the sender know the status of a placement (accepted or declined) as soon as the status has been changed in the portal by the attorney selected. No more wondering if the attorney/law firm received the email or attachments or if they are working the file(s). If needed, with just a few clicks you can resend the placement to the same attorney, or resubmit to a new attorney. 

Features of the MY NL Portal include:

  • Cloud-Based – ANYTIME access with internet connectivity.
  • All attachments stored online.
  • No file-size limitations.
  • No limitation on number of attachments.
  • Automatic, system-generated notifications regarding the status of the new claim.
  • Automatic updates on account status changes (New, Accepted, Closed, Declined, Expired)
  • Easy resubmission of an account if the attorney declines, or if accounts need to be moved.
  • If the receiving attorney doesn’t accept or decline the placement in the preset time (10 days from date of placement via the portal), an expired status is displayed.
  • Able to view a History of Accounts Sent and/or Received.
  • View notes on firms you’ve sent accounts to via MY NL.
  • Rate the firm –Your own personal rating system for the firms you forward business to via NL. Keep track in your MY NL Account for quick reference before future placements.


Barnett & Garcia logo“The National List portal is user friendly and great way for our firm to accept and manage claims.  As always, Leslie provided excellent customer service.  We love being able to access documents and information between our firm and our clients.”  Dara Welch, Client Relationship Manager,  Barnett & Garcia, PLLC, Austin, TX

Put the technology of MY NL/Client Portal to work for you! For a personal tour of the website and MY NL features, email me at, and we’ll get started!

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Leslie Opp
NL Vice President of Member Services
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